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Lower the volume in equity debate

Opponents of Isle of Wight County Schools’ equity and inclusion movement have made their point and scored a couple of major political victories. Now, for ... Read more

Carry that weight

Charles Qualls Do you ever catch yourself engaging in “magical thinking”? Magical thinking might be best understood as a need to believe that one’s hopes ... Read more

Equity violates equal protection

By Jennifer Rawls Equality of opportunity and equity of outcome cannot coexist. The current administration uses the word equity like most people use “um.” It ... Read more

Seek the Lord and live

Long ago, there was a sign found on the wall in the bathroom of a steakhouse near a rough and tumble horse farming territory out ... Read more

Leadership and the cockroach letter

On a dinner flight, the man opened his meal. Right on top of the salad he saw an enormous cockroach. When he got home, he ... Read more

Keep the party going

Isle of Wight’s coming-out party after more than a year of COVID-19 hibernation has been a blast. Our takeaway from the Isle of Wight County ... Read more

End-of-the-year money moves

By Mark McGahee What has changed for you in 2021? For some, this year has been as complicated as learning a new dance. Did you ... Read more

Looking back on memories

I chuckle at any hint that I am already moving into that stage of life. You know, the one where you strive for predictability and ... Read more

Know the sounds of fire safety

The National Fire Protection Association is promoting this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign — “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” For those who are not ... Read more

Have we lost something?

By Myrtle Virginia Thompson Raise your hand. Everyone has lost something. Sometimes, it didn’t matter too much. At other times, it was something special that ... Read more

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