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A shooting star

By Tony Clark The Collins dictionary defines a shooting star as, “a piece of rock or metal that burns very brightly when it enters the ... Read more

Good to see events again

After more than a year of pandemic-related precautions, it sure is good to see some things starting to return. As more is learned about the ... Read more

Be careful with scary stories

By Nathan Rice There has always been an interest in things that are scary, dark or macabre. This interest goes back as far as we ... Read more

The time is now

Thrust into national headlines, the usually quiet little Town of Windsor is struggling to cope with the repercussions of not only its police force pulling ... Read more

Not how I wanted to see Windsor

I first found out about the “Dec. 5 Windsor Traffic Incident” on Friday the ninth of April via an article on By Saturday morning ... Read more

Mayor: Help Windsor heal

April has been a tough month for the town of Windsor. Read more

When it’s gone, it’s gone

By Nathan Rice “Limited Edition.” You’ve probably seen it printed on different items throughout the years. It is meant to show that there were only ... Read more

An introduction

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to everyone in Windsor. My name is Titus Mohler, and I am a new staff ... Read more

Avoid distracted driving

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While tackling distracted driving is important every day, April has been designated Distracted Driving Awareness Month in an ... Read more

Anti-Asian racism is nothing new

By Kenya Smith I was heartbroken to see what happened in Atlanta on March 16. A gunman shot up two day spas, killing eight people, ... Read more

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