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The pros and cons of early retirement rollovers

By Mark McGahee Did you know you may be able to take your 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan and roll it into another type of ... Read more

Vaccination count lagging

We reported in last week’s edition about special efforts by the Western Tidewater Health District to reach the people who have not yet been vaccinated ... Read more

College intercollegiate athletics – the beginning of the end?

College athletes at the Division 1 level for football and men’s basketball are looking more like professional sports players and less like college students. This ... Read more

Pay attention to motorcycle safety

The Virginia State Police is raising the alarm on the number of motorcyclists that have died on Virginia’s highways lately. In the last seven weeks, ... Read more


One of the most enjoyable public occasions ever held in Southampton County was the Community Carnival held in Ivor on Monday, July 4; the public-spirited ... Read more

All about qualified charitable distributions

By Mark McGahee Do you have an IRA? As you enter your 70s, you may start to look at that IRA not only as an ... Read more

Teach history fully, but don’t preach

There’s much to dislike on both sides of the increasingly shrill debate over so-called Critical Race Theory, and we’re saddened to see Isle of Wight’s ... Read more

Updating the Maps

By Charles Quall As I write this column, I am sitting inside my car in my driveway. Why I’m doing that may be a curiosity, ... Read more

Behind the scenes

By Scott Baker Much ink has been spilled on the enormous impact saint Paul had on the shape of Christianity. Many theologians, in fact, believe ... Read more

Congrats on retirement

After 45 years in education, the number of students who have had the privilege of sitting in Luann Scott’s English classes is almost innumerable. So, ... Read more

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